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The company Tehnologii Apicole SRL was founded on April 21, 2015 with the purpose of making and selling wooden hives, selling beekeeping equipment, medicines and artificial honeycombs, as well as offering consulting services in the beekeeping field. The company's vision is to become a market leader in the production of beehives using innovative methods and alternative environmentally friendly materials. The company's mission is to contribute to the development of the beekeeping industry by offering specific innovative and ecological products and services both nationally and internationally. From the moment of starting the business, the company has adopted a collaboration strategy on 2 segments: B2B legal entities and B2C individuals. The legal entities mostly purchased the products destined for the beekeeping industry (wooden hives) based on entrepreneurial projects financed by grants and credits that were elaborated and monitored entirely by SRL Tehnologii Apicole. So far, the marketing and service activities have been offered by the company at the local level and in national exhibitions and fairs, enjoying the high appreciation of consumers. The company aims to produce and market polystyrene hives for beekeepers in Moldova and EU countries. At the same time, various hives will be produced and sold materials for any beekeeping system with all the necessary equipment in the practice of beekeeping at industrial level.

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